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Welcome to Star Valley Ranch located in Tyler, Texas. This is a friendly rp site where you can rp as horses, humans and their other animals. See more info thehistory
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 Rp Site Rules

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PostSubject: Rp Site Rules   Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:40 pm

Rp site rules:

1. Please follow all these rules I know theirs a lot of info to get though but its needed.

2. Please try to keep the wild horses as little amount as possible its only a small herd.

3. Realize not everyone can just be a horse or be a wild horse.

4. please realize we need both students and teachers not just horses or wild horses

5. All humans must be students or teachers

6. Every horses show name, stable name, and picture must be posted in claims so that no one has the same horses pic or name to keep things less confusing.

7. Please keep horses looks and pictures natural I may add some fantasy in this but later for now its only a realistic rp.

8. Please use natural pictures for humans (it can be anime but it cant be like un-natural colored eyes unless they have colored contacts, no wings, no pointy elf ears, no tails nothing like that can be on human pics)

9. you may use celebrities if you want as your characters picture

10. Make sure you claim your human characters, pic (if real unknown person or anime pic), Face (if celebrities only way they can be the same is if their twins), character names.

11. make sure you sign up your characters for the classes you want them to take make sure you include what horse they are going to use (use only one horse per class if your character has more than one like lets say their in show jumping beginners and have a horse named jasper and you also have a horse named bella you cannot use both bella and jasper in the same class)

12. Make sure that you keep things fair when it comes to mares and their foals not everyone can have 2 foals.

13. Please keep in mind to keep genders even too for humans and animals (unless in wild herd)

15. only 16 horses may be in the herd (at start so that people do students too)

16. Please use 20 words per sentences which isn't really that much if you think about it.

17. Please try to use your best grammar and spelling I know im horrible at it myself especially when on the phone so please just try to do your best with it.

18. Please keep things pg13 and skip over mating and birthing details

19. Please only one account per person and please make a list somewhere weather in sig or other what characters you play and a link to their profile (see rp terms and codes for how to do this)

20. Please try to post as often as you can at least twice a week if admin or mod please post at least 3 times a week if your going to be gone longer please let an admin or me know so we can work around your characters posts. I understand life gets busy but I also need to keep this rp site active so please understand why I have this rule.

21. Gender, color, amount of foals if theirs any defects or anything like that with foals is decided by me or one of the other admins, to keep the genders and keep it fair for everyone sorry.

22. Only admins or mods can accept characters you must wait for your character to be accepted before you rp.

23. Only admins can set up completions or give out credits (for characters in rp).

24. More rules will be added later if needed hopefully they wont be but we will see they will be in red, dark red, bold or a one of those two colors and bold when its a new rule added.
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Rp Site Rules
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